Ellen Wille Hair Systems

Ellen Wille specializes in the manufacture of wigs, hairpieces and hair replacement accessories. Each model is designed exclusively according to the latest fashion and technical aspects. They are perfectly tailored to the needs of our customers. Ellen Wille THE HAIR COMPANY  understands wigs not only as fashion accessories that represent the latest international Hair Couture. They also provide our customers, who depend on Hair Replacement products in everyday life, the highest wearing comfort, excellent quality and an incomparable comfort.

Chris Chapman is the exclusive East Anglian distributor of Ellen Wille hair products.

Ellen Willes numerous collections remains not only the most beautiful but also the highest quality wigs on the European Market.

A full range of aftercare products are available to maintain the condition of the hair.

*Other services are available, including custom made wigs and partial hairpieces”



Types of Wigs:

Monofilament + 100% handmade: The finest handwork using monofilament and hand tying. This luxury product provides 100% comfort for the wearer, has a comfortable grip and always looks freshly styled.

100% handmade: The hair is weaved to a fine tulle. The cap is comfortable to wear and feels light as a feather.

Monofilament + wefted: The hair is weaved into a very fine mesh in the crown area that is invisible against the skin. Thus the wig cannot be distinguished from own hair and enables natural and easy styling.

Including monoparting – crest: Brings a natural look to curls and partings. With braided models, monofilament production.

Including mono-crown – curl: Bring a natural look to curls and partings. With braided models, monofilament production.

Wefted: The hair is machine sewn to ribbons. The braids are easy to style and look good.

Lace front: Hair at the forehead and around the fringe is hand-tied to a special cap attachment. So the fringe looks very natural and can be styled in many different ways.

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